MAP stands for ‘Make Anything Possible™’

MAP stands for ‘Make Anything Possible™’. As a Coach and Trainer with the MAP Coaching Institute and the MAP Method™representative in Asia, I’m passionate about using, sharing, and teaching MAP to children, parents, and professionals. Several years ago, my daughter suffered from a sudden life-threatening illness. Initially, the doctors couldn’t figure out why it happened and how to save her. I happened to learn about the MAP Method™ and used it proactively, hoping that it’ll help us navigate through this crisis in any way possible. Through using natural holistic methods and the mental wellness support of MAP, my daughter is now happy and healthy!

I’m thrilled to share with you what MAP is, and how you can use it to be the best version of yourself.

Using MAP =
Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

I often describe my MAP Method™ sessions as the KonMari Method for the mind.

Imagine an old cupboard full of old yellowed clothes that you can’t fit in anymore. Some kept you warm when you were a child, some were trendy to wear before, but they all no longer fit your current life.

You keep stuffing clothes into the cupboard and it’s so full and disorganized you can no longer find what you want. It’s such a mess you dread opening it.

In order to make space for new clothes, one has to throw out the old ones. Only then can we organize what we want to wear in a way that we can access them easily and happily and enjoy dressing up again.

Our mind is like an old cupboard that is filled with all kinds of memories.

We go through life storing up emotional memories from past experiences. These determine how we interact and make decisions in our life. Sometimes we store up negative emotions that can limit our actions and potential.

When we let go of emotions that no longer serve us, we create space for more empowering thoughts. This allows us to shine our true potential and achieve greater things for the greater good.

The Science and Research behind the MAP Method™

In this short six-minute video, MAP Method™ Founder Colette Streicher explains the widely overlooked discovery in neuroscience that allows MAP to create deep and lasting change in the brain.

You’ll also get to see the fascinating changes happening in the brainwaves of someone neutralizing a complex phobia with MAP with some helpful explanations from a neuroscientist.

Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Mind?

Over here at the MAP Coaching Institute website, you can find a treasure trove of free resources including some fascinating case study blog posts, simple FAQ videos, and an on-demand training session for you to experience a mini MAP Method™ session for yourself anytime.

I hope that you’ll feel inspired to add this wonderful modality to your personal growth toolbox, so you can keep shining your true potential!

Sending you big hearty hugs💕

Sofie Hon

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