Be an Emotional Wellness Coach for your Child

Give them the life-long gift of emotional intelligence

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“After sessions with Sofie, my son was able to handle the stress better than I have ever witnessed! I too felt more relaxed and enjoyed these events with him more than I have in the past. Sofie is so intuitive and gentle. My sessions with her are always relaxing, peaceful and bring me great insight!”


Anne Cullen

Parent Educator

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to help your child master their emotions.
  • You would like to learn more about how to nurture a harmonious parent-child relationship for life.
  • You’ve ever thought “I wish there was someone who can show me how to regulate my own emotions and how I can help my child manage their BIG feelings”.
  • You are willing to commit 2-4h a month for personal growth and reflection.

This is essential for you if:

  • You are a conscious loving parent who finds yourself easily triggered by your child’s emotions and behaviour, or
  • You are a working parent who wants to resolve stress and overwhelm for a happy family, or
  • You have tried all types of parenting advice but find them difficult to implement. 

“Sofie has made a massive difference for me. In helping me understand the many faceted emotions of a being a first-time mum, I have now been able to securely provide that space for my own child. Instead of freaking out while he experiences the extreme extents of his big feelings, I now have the confidence to give him that space to learn how to regulate on his own, and to support him through it. Thank you, Sofie!”

Jacqui Cai



3 Month Commitment

* Spots for May 2022 intake are limited as we would like to keep the group size small for a more intimate experience.

* Please register your interest through the link so we can notify you of future start dates in the event the group is full.

Why 3 months:

Many people attend short weekend programs and get very excited to implement them back home, but once they return they notice other challenges and get demotivated. In the end nothing changes. 

Learning how to be a coach to your child is a process. It needs constant practice and refinement because every child and every family is unique. You need to first understand the why and the basics; look within yourself because your inner world reflects your outer world; and practice until it becomes a part of you. All these require a period of time.  

I have created this 3-month program to be light and supportive and suitable for working parents. Sessions will consist of guided reflections and sharing in a small intimate group setting, as well as learning and practicing mind management techniques. 


Are you ready to empower your child with mental emotional wellness skills?

The Parent Emotional Mastery Program includes:

    • Clarity and goal setting session
    • Twice a month Group coaching (60-90min) with Sofie (worth $400 each)
    • Mastering the 5 important Emotional Calming Techniques for children with big feelings
    • Customised journaling exercises

    Program Content:

      How to be a successful Emotional Wellness Coach for your child: Dealing with BIG feelings and emotional regulation

      Month 1: How to break the cycle of high emotions at home

      Month 2: Dealing with your own emotions – childhood beliefs and current frustrations

      Month 3: Dealing with your child’s emotions as well as other stakeholders

      About the Trainer:

        Sofie Hon is an International Coach and Trainer helping professionals, coaches and therapists to master mind management techniques that are key tools in the success of their work and service.

        She is a mother of 2 teenagers, one of whom suffered from great anxiety and emerging emotional regulation skills as a child. Thankfully she is now a thriving teen who is emotionally grounded.

        Sofie’s personal experience as well as deep work with hundreds of parents has inspired her to create an emotional mastery program so that other families can benefit too. This program integrates Sofie’s skills in coaching and training to offer an engaging course that is short, simple and effective for busy parents who love their children.

        “Seeing Sofie and spending time with her brought a different form of self-care and nourishment. I was more relaxed after sessions, and less reactive. It also helped open communication channels between myself and family members. MAP is an extremely procedural and powerful tool and following the process with Sofie felt very safe.”

        Stephanie Wong

        Occupational Therapist



        3-month Commitment

        * Spots for May 2022 intake are limited as we would like to keep the group size small for a more intimate experience.

        * Please register your interest through the link so we can notify you of future start dates in the event the group is full

        Here’s what Eunice Wong, mother of 2, has to say about how MAP Coaching helped to improve her relationship with her child.