Mindset and Emotional Wellness Mastery with Sofie Hon

Let MIND YOGA be your new norm in 2024!

Yes, I am ready!

“Seeing Sofie and spending time with her brought a different form of self-care and nourishment. I was more relaxed after sessions, and less reactive. It also helped open communication channels between myself and family members. MAP is an extremely procedural and powerful tool and following the process with Sofie felt very safe.”

Stephanie Wong

Occupational Therapist


$500/month* 1 Year Commitment (one-one)

* Early bird discount: $50 off per month for all applications before 5 Dec 2023

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to make mental and emotional fitness a priority in 2024.
  • You would like to learn more about the power of activating your untapped mind
  • You’ve ever thought “I wish there was someone who can show me how and help me remove stuck points in my mind, and gain clarity and insights on what to focus on next.”
  • You are willing to commit 2-4h a month for personal growth and reflection

This is essential for you if:

  • You are a smart conscious working professional who wants to regain time, balance and purpose in your life, or
  • You are a working parent who wants to resolve stress and overwhelm for a happy family, or
  • You are a new coach, business owner, or solopreneur who wants to serve more clients confidently and authentically

“I benefited tremendously from Sofie’s patient and thoughtful mentoring. She scaffolded her sessions in a progressive manner, encouraging you to learn deeper about yourself. She was never judgmental, always nurturing, probing gently yet firmly. The sessions with Sofie were a generative experience, and I learn a lot more about myself, several times in ways that surprise myself too. I encourage anyone, at whichever stage of his or her career trajectory, and who is looking for coaching to consider Sofie and her methods.”

Wee Kiat Lim

Associate Director

I will definitely recommend her if you want to have a breakthrough for yourself. Thanks Sofie again!”

Felicia Tan

Business Owner and Community Leader

Why 1 year:

Many people attend short term programs and get a lot of success the first 1-3 months. Thereafter they lose momentum and revert back to their old ways.

I have worked with many professionals in 3-month blocks. Most will renew their 3-month packages because they enjoy the continued guidance to be an even more conscious individual.

My 3-month personal coaching is $1000 a month. It is an intense commitment that accelerates changes. However, I understand not every individual has the time and budget for an intensive program and renew that quaterly.

I have created this 1-year program that is light and supportive. Just as we want to train our body consistently for good physical health and wellness, we should also train our mind consistently for a strong mental and emotional mindset.

The sessions are so gentle and effective that they are like yoga for your mind.

Are you ready to stretch, flex and supercharge your mind?

The Hearty Mind Program includes:

    • Clarity and goal setting session
    • Monthly private coaching (90min) with Sofie (worth $800 each)
    • Mastering the 6 important Hearty Mind Techniques for busy people
    • Customised journaling exercise
    • Customised audio recordings where appropriate
    • Full access to paid audio products offered online (for all 1-year sign-ups)

    “Sofie is an incredibly gifted coach and an incredibly caring and sensitive woman. My experiences with her have been truly inspiring and transformative. I strongly recommend working with Sofie Hon to anyone and everyone! Thank you, Sofie for everything you’ve done and continue to do to help and inspire me and so many others!”

    Debbie O’Keefe


    Sounds simplistic but the process is really more enriching than that.

    We are at our halfway mark now and so many weights have been lifted off my shoulders yet there are other things to uncover and I believe still so much more of my potential to be tapped. The time, energy and commitment I put in to work with her has helped me tremendously as an entrepreneur, employee, dad and human being.

    I cannot recommend enough how Sofie can be such a positive light in your life. I hope she will find ways to let people sample what she can bring, and that she will continue to help people find their way.

    Thank you Sofie.”

    Wee Lee Chua

    Business Owner and Director


    $500/month* 1 Year Commitment (one-one)

    * Early bird discount: $50 off per month for all applications before 5 Dec 2023

    Dimantha Jayasinghe

    Business Professional

    Here’s what Eunice Wong, marketer, author and coach, has to say about Hearty Mind Coaching with Sofie Hon.