Today Was Just One of Those Mornings I Needed To Recieve

And so I did.

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

Dear fellow Solopreneurs,

Do you sometimes find yourself overgiving to your clients, friends, and family members, leaving very little energy for yourself? I’d like to share with you this magical day I experienced when I paused and focused on receiving mode instead.

Instead of praying for others,
I asked God for His love and blessings for me.💖
Instead of watering the plants,
I looked up to the sky and received the beautiful energy from the sun.🌞
Instead of tidying my bedroom,
I lay in bed to enjoy my sheets. 🛏
Instead of replying to my client’s message,
I chatted with a friend. 💬
And then with my cup full again,
I smiled and prayed for others,
the sky watered my plants,
my bedroom looked neat,
and my client just said,
“Thank you!”
Is it one of those days for you today?
Open your palms and receive!🤲
Sending you big hearty hugs.🤗💕